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  Need A Quote For A Steel Building?

Getting a quotation on one of our steel buildings has never been easier.  All we need from you is some very basic information:

Building Style

Which building have you decided you are most interested in? Pioneer Steel has five different building styles to choose from.  It is important to mention that depending on the building size you require and the snow load in your area, will dictate the style of building that would work best for you.  A Pioneer Steel representative will be happy to outline your options.


Length, width and peak height which will illustrate your desired building’s footprint.  Let us know if you are planning for an overhead door or other building accessories, so we can ensure the proper fit.

Type of foundation

This will vary depending on your intended use for the building.  If you are unsure, just ask our knowledgeable representatives.


Where will the building be erected?  This is a key piece of information which is required for us to provide an accurate quote.  Building code requirements vary between municipalities and therefore we must know where your building will be erected. This will help us determine the steel gauge that will meet the snow and wind load requirement in your area.  Additionally, we also need to know where we are delivering the building to in order to provide estimated delivery costs.  Remember there are no surprises with one of our quotations. 

It is really that easy.  Of course, if you have any questions at any time, just call and you will find we are very easy to deal with.  We welcome your questions and answers are always free.

Need A Quote For A Steel Building?