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Pricing, Warranties, Payments & Delivery


Prices for all models are based in part on your governing building code requirements for:

For more information and pricing call 1-800-668-5422 OR complete a contact form.

  1. Snow load?
  2. Wind load
  3. Use category?
  4. Steel building site exposure conditions?
  5. Seismic zone (if applicable)?
  6. Freight to your steel building site?
  7. Your steel building specifications and design requirements?
  8. Your foundation connection preference.?

Delivery Options

Pioneer Steel can ship most buildings within 2-3 weeks from when you place your order. We’ll gladly ship your steel building to you, wherever you may be. You should, however, have some help ready for unloading your steel building. If you live near our factory, you may want to pick up your steel building, saving you costs on shipping. Just let your dealer know and he or she will gladly give you directions.


Manufacturer's Warranty shall warrant the following:?

  1. All steel buildings are designed in accordance with the local governing building code to withstand the published wind and snow loadings, building use and exposure conditions when provided by the buyer to the manufacturer.
  2. All materials will be free of defect in material and workmanship.

Payment Options

Paying for your steel building is easy. You can pay with any major credit card, cheque, money order, or even cash. Or, you can pay with a combination—credit card for the deposit and cheque for the balance, for example. Whichever method of payment you choose, we’ll ask for a deposit when you sign your agreement and the balance of payment upon delivery of your steel building.