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Our Customers Say...

 To Paul Rizzuto I want to thank you and Pioneer Steel for a Fantastic product. I stopped by your plant during the winter and you gave me a tour of how the product is made along with different options. You explained very well how to build a garage kit. I am no carpenter by any means by I am a car guy, I figured this is for me nuts and bolts so I bought a garage kit. That spring I picked up my kit and took it home. The guy helping me load it was awesome. My two very good friends Dennis and Gary among a few others at times helped me build my garage. This kit went together very well with no problem. I would strongly advise anyone thinking of a garage kit don't look anywhere else this is the place to buy from. I am very pleased. Thank You.
Gary Young

 I researched steel buildings for use in a residential garage for my home in Toronto Ontario, because rodents and raccoons were destroying my old wooden Garage. I decided to purchase a steel building from Pioneer Steel Building in the Greater Toronto area. I found Pioneer Steel Building to be direct in marketing and fair in pricing, they gave me time to make my own decision and did not use high pressure tactics to make a sale. On the manufacturing side, in my opinion the building components are of superior design. From the first meeting with the staff at Pioneer Steel Building to the final phases of construction I found them always willing to help and provide support. I am Very Happy with my Pioneer Steel Building.
Walt M., Toronto Ontario

 I am a small contractor in British Columbia who has completed constructing a Pioneer Steel building. Having had previous construction experience, I can tell you that your product is a very good one — user friendly, in today's lingo. The aforementioned building was erected on time and within budget. I will recommend Pioneer Steel buildings to anyone considering a sound, affordable building.
Henk Verhoef, British Columbia, Canada

 I am extremely satisfied with my Pioneer building. It is of good quality and is ideal for storage due to the clear span interior. I found the service from Pioneer to be more than satisfactory. The people were wonderful to deal with.
Andy Brant, Omega Electric
Ontario, Canada

 Guam was hit by super typhoon Paka… When it was over, my house sustained $40,000 worth of damage and my Pioneer Steel building, $0. The building escaped totally unscathed. My neighbor saw that it was able to withstand the winds and bought a building for himself.
David M. Hazel, typhoon survivor

 I am the proud owner of a Pioneer building. I put up my 40’x40’ building in three days with the help of my family and some friends. I am very happy with my building.
Douglas Blanchard, Louisiana

 I put my 30’x40’ building up myself with the help of some friends. The clear span construction is a real benefit. I really think this is the building of the future.
Joe DiMartino, Maryland.