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  The Building Possibilities Are Limitless

Have a space and an idea?  Let’s talk Pioneer Steel Buildings.

Whether you want that free standing garage, a workshop, storage for your equipment or you are looking to build a retail shop or custom home, Pioneer Steel buildings provides flexible building solutions that can save you time and money.

Pioneer Steel buildings are based on a standard 2' x 10' panel width and length. How you put them together depends on you. Creating custom shapes and sizes is easy. Superior engineering will help you achieve the results quickly, efficiently, and with a minimum of labour.

All Pioneer Steel buildings are clear span, so expansion and custom fitting will really depend on your specifications and needs.  Our specialized in-house engineering facility and our 39+ years of experience enable us to successfully design and create steel buildings for virtually any application.  So, when you’re ready to build, think steel…Pioneer Steel.

The Building Possibilities Are Limitless