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Photo Gallery


A leading edge building featuring cathedral-style peaked roof with 4:12 pitch and varying centre heights.

View alpine Gallery


Available in virtually any length and height, the popular arch style building is our most economical solution for a complete range of building applications.

View arch Gallery


A straight roof, straight sided, clean span design.  Econospan buildings have a uniform roof slope of 18 degrees.

View econospan Gallery


Pioneer’s most popular model features a straight sided, multi radius, clear span arch design.

View S-Series Gallery


Our popular Mini steel buildings are 10' to 20' wide, and are available in virtually unlimited lengths.

View mini Gallery


Pioneer Steel is a leading designer and manufacturer of steel buildings intended for custom use.  Creating custom shapes and designs is easy with our standard 2’ x 10’ panel.

View custom Gallery

Recreational Storage

Storage of your camper, boat, airplane or other recreational vehicle can be challenging. A Pioneer Steel building answers that challenge. 

View recreational storage Gallery


Imagine a garage big enough to fit your car and your boat. Or, perhaps you're looking for a heated garage, or a storage facility for your seasonal vehicles or RV.

View garage Gallery

Equipment Storage

With a Pioneer Steel building, you can rest assured that your equipment is protected from environmental or fire damage in a way no other building material can offer.

View equipment storage Gallery


Pioneer Steel buildings are useful for a wide variety of agricultural uses, such as grain and hay storagehorse and livestock shelterfarm equipment storage and repair shops.

View agricultural Gallery


The manufacturing process requires a great deal of space and expensive equipment. Pioneer Steel buildings are the perfect solution. Any Pioneer steel building is versatile enough to provide all the space you require and will protect your equipment from fire and the elements.

View manufacturing Gallery


You can insulate your Pioneer steel building, run electrical wiring, add skylights and ventilation, paint it inside and out and customize your endwalls to add comfort and style.

View residential Gallery


Pioneer Steel buildings offer a cost-effective alternative for free-standing retail outlets, showrooms and dealerships. Any one of our designs can be adapted to suit your needs

View retail Gallery


Pioneer Steel, with some of the widest steel building models in the industry and virtually unlimited building lengths, will definitely have the right size to fit your needs.

View warehousing Gallery


There is no better solution for constructing your workshop, be it industrial or back yard do-it-yourself, than a Pioneer Steel building.

View workshop Gallery


As a leader in the industry, since 1980 Pioneer Steel has provided prefabricated, preengineered and custom steel building solutions for any application you can imagine.

View educational Gallery


Pioneer Steel buildings offer an ideal solution for any industrial application. Clear span, trussless engineering means the space inside your building is completely usable.

View industrial Gallery


Pioneer Steel buildings offer a cost-effective alternative for free-standing retail outlets, showrooms and dealerships. 

View commercial Gallery

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